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Listen up, Taco Nazis..

Ok, this is seriously the best thing I have EVER HEARD.

The Ducktails theme in FINNISH with what it sounds like as a translation to us english-speakers.

I swear it's anti-circumcision propaganda.

Knit and dance and BAKE A CAKE.


Hey everybody... I was reading ohnotheydidnt, because apparently I've grown to like celebrity news and people being assholes when they comment on it, and one girl posted about seeing Jordan Knight on an airplane. I wish I could have a Jordan Knight sighting. *dreamy sigh*


you know I can give it to you

OK, as many of you know, I am a Hanson fan. I was looking up the concert info for a show in Anahiem at the House Of Blues, and they reccomended me other concerts I may like if I like Hanson.

09.26 Jordan Knight House of Blues Anaheim



yatta, of course.

i'm genevieve.
i'm new.
and here's a present.
possibly the worst thing to ever come from japan.
(personally, i like the fat one)

click the link, it's fun.

oh right.
**warning - barely clothed japanese men singing/dancing**


lyrics, behind the cut (well, the translation)
sometimes i wee when i watch this.

and...an extra link for fun.

yattaCollapse )


I was watching it because there was nothing good on, and she said the phrase "bum sex". BWAHAHAHAHAHA


He's the bravest little hobbit of them all!

Most of you have probably heard of Leonard Nimoy, if not from his famous role as Mr. Spock on the acclaimed "Star Trek" series, then in his more recent role alongside William Shatner as a Priceline spokesperson. But what most of you probably DIDN'T know is that he has a great singing voice! That's right, everyone's favorite Vulcan is also a recording artist. But just what does the universe's most logical being have to sing about? Why hobbits of course.

If you don't agree that the above video is one of the greatest in the world, well, then you're just nuts.
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What does a vegitarian zombie say?


Laugh! It's funny dammit...

Well, since it's BEEN SO LONG...

I feel like I'm neglecting my true love: awful lyrical songs. So, I bring you LL Cool J - Loungin':Collapse )