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I don't care who leads...

As long as we move horizontally.

The Undrunkables
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Expressing love for pop music, both good/good and bad/good!
Created and maintained by zonga & rabidglow. Don't you wish you were us?

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Community Rules
See these interests? They're here for a reason. You don't have to stick to them to the letter, but they should give you a general idea of what we're about. We encourage the posting of bad lyrics (behind an lj-cut), bad songs in mp3 form for downloading (right-click, save), lists of bad songs, mockery of pop icons, fangirling in most forms, amusing things such as "DO THE MARIO!," amusing bits of conversations that have to do with song mockery, pictures that go with said things...etc. If you don't adhere to any of the things outlined here, and it contains no mock-able and/or cheesy music, it had better be a post containing something of mock-able content/value.

Don't make me be a bitch and yell at people and pull down posts. Cause I'll do it and be gleeful about it.

Now that that's understood and out of the way, enjoy your stay!

P.S.: This is also acceptable:

http://www.youtube.com and http://www.yousendit.com / http://www.sendspace.com are excellent resources.
"measure of a man", #nerdly, altavista all night long, andy richter, andy serkis, angel the series, anyone-can-make-you-sweat, awesomeness, being kept wet, better than ezra, billy boyd, blam!, bloon!, buffy the vampire slayer, camming bobs, cheese, conan o'brien, cookies, creepy sex songs, crimped hair, digital get down, dominic monaghan, elevene, elijah wood, eternal sunshine, faded, fester's bobs, fester's webspace, fittz, giving it to you, gollum, google of the mind, half fling, hanson's dirrty, harmonicas, hating compaqs, having some, hawtness, held down in bed, humming, i dare you, i'm convinced-you need this, interpol, ironic music, jordan knight, joss whedon, jumpin jack flash, justdesserts_, justin, kitties, lord of the rings, ludens, mardi gras, mocking, mocking aaron carter, mocking billy bob earl, mocking everything, mocking o-town, mocking people, mocking pop icons, mocking sex bracelets, mocking soul decision, nkotb, non-losers, not caring-because...psychotic, not itching, nyquil highs, omg, only in my mind, orpheuscapade, paul banks, peer pressure, random shirtless men, sarcasm, serkis, sex bracelets, shady satin drug, skanky carnivals, slap bracelets, smeagol, soda, spotless mind, stealing panties, sweatin-til-my-clothes-come-off, the dirty south, the little mermaid, tiaras, your mom, your-body-needs-a-man-like-me